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Buggslife Ratings.............

So, how do I rate my photos?

I deliberately picked some of my own favourites including some I think hold some personal meaning, since others will probably not see this and like it less.

I also picked some that I'm not that keen on but suspect might be liked by other people.

Here are my own ratings:

Photo 1:        4 stars
Photo 2:        4 stars
Photo 3:        5 stars
Photo 4:        3 stars
Photo 5:        4 stars
Photo 6:        3 stars
Photo 7:        2 stars
Photo 8:        2 stars
Photo 9:        1 star
Photo 10:      4 stars

Really, the whole point in this is to try and get non-biased opinions from other people to understand what are my stronger kind of shots.

If this works and helps me I'll probably do several more sessions, perhaps on a theme basis, so your help is really appreciated.

All these photos can be found among the galleries sections.