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Old man tends to his vegetable garden in the Andalucian hills, Spain
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Photo Ratings...............

I have my own personal favourites but do they match yours?

This is mini project to understand what others consider to be my better and worse shots.

Be completely honest - it's anonymous anyway - as I genuinely want to know about the most hated as well as the preferred photos.

So, 10 photos - on a scale of 1 to 5 stars;

1 star = no good
2 stars = not great
3 stars = average
4 stars = like it
5 stars = love it

I have also rated this selection of 10 photos with my personal opinion and via this link you can see how this compares with your ratings.

Photo Info:
This was taken in the hills of Andalucia just inland from the south coast of Spain (Costa del Sol). I loved the scene as a whole with the elderly man tending to his vegetable plot and was aiming to show the worn tracks that wind vertically in the shot toward the white houses on the hill top at the back.

The cacti also gave a contrasting angle leading along right with the fence. Technically, the photo was fairly standard taken at 20mm (relatively wide) with a fairly small aperture (f/8). To keep the bright midday sky from completely blowing the highlights I used a 3 stop neutral density grad filter and helped it with a polarising filter.